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November 17, 2016
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November 30, 2016

Content marketing builds relationships in a deep and long-lasting way. I was doing some research online earlier today about content writing and I came across a quote that I really liked-

“Content Marketing is a long term relationship, not a one night stand.”

In the modern world we want results immediately. Many people out there, particularity those on the internet, will promise the earth but turn their backs as soon as you have paid them. Content marketing doesn’t work like this and shouldn’t work like this. You can publish a handful of articles or blogs all at once and it will have an effect on your standing as a business. It will help your website to move up the Google search rankings for the search terms that mean something to your business (my top target is content writing Durham, by the way) and help people to find you.

Build for the long term

But this short kick is not the solution to generating the long term relationships that will make a difference to your business. You want to connect to your audience in a meaningful way that is in the spirit of giving. Content marketing is all about giving something away – content marketing builds relationships without a doubt. If you give away everything you have then you will get back far more than you bargained for. But it is this giving that people are sometimes afraid of. They feel as though they are giving away secrets to their competitors or allowing their customers to go out there and do it for themselves. There may be some small bits of business that you lose from the cheap clients that want to go out there and save a bit of cash here and there. But these are not the type of clients you want anyway. You want the big accounts that will transform your business.

Give away your time and experience

As you give away your time, your expertise and your techniques then you gain followers. For example-

  • If you have sheets available for download on your website that show people how to do things on their own
  • If you have a social media page that gives something to the community
  • If you give away free classes on how to perform something useful to other local businesses

All of these things look from the outside like they are you giving away your time for no return. But they beauty of using these methods is that they bring you back more than you bargained for. The free downloads will keep people coming back to your website and telling others about it. The social media page puts your company is a good light and will attract people to use you more. You can see how this form of content marketing builds relationships that will last.

The free classes are something that you can gain in many ways from. The fact is that you can-

  • promote them in many places online to gain more in the Google searches
  • give away free classes in return for contact details so you can keep in touch with others that might need your services
  • the free class will have some people walk away and be able to carry this out on their own while others will see that they don’t have the skills or the time and then hire you to help them

Content marketing builds relationships

As a content writer in County Durham I get asked a lot about how quickly content can change the business they own, But is isn’t about that at all. There are many arms to content marketing and the quality results will come from quality content over a period of time. This is one area of business that doesn’t have a quick fix. Get in touch and I can talk you through your options and how content can work for you. The simple fact is that content marketing builds relationships for the future.

One more quote to finish with-

“Marketing is telling the world that you are a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

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