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September 26, 2017
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October 2, 2017

I have been writing for some great North-East England businesses over the last few years and I thought that I’d share with you some of the success stories from this time. I am proud to work with local businesses and help them establish a quality presence through their content. This means that they engage more potential customers, confirm their status as an expert in their field and reach out to new markets.

Sparta Security are the leading security firm in the North East of England and offer some pretty unique services. Their Sparta Street Safe and Sparta Business Watch bring confidence to the people of Darlington and Stockton with many more patrols to come in the near future, I’m sure. They are headed up by a passionate and enthusiastic business leader called Francis Jones whose dedication to his business and his customers Is second to none.


I was introduced to Francis by the BNI Champions Chapter in Sedgefield, which we are both members of. We discussed what their ‘Latest News’ section of their website was doing for the business and decided that we could make a difference together.

The issues at hand

The business is busy and growing all the time. The management team have enough on their plate without having to come up with ideas for a blog and then fining the time to write them too. Their blog before showed some of what Sparta were doing, but didn’t do this in enough detail and also didn’t showcase their expertise.

The new structure for the blogs was to balance both of these areas, so one blog per month is based on what they are doing, with this linked to their services, while the other blog gives advice to the type of clients Sparta want to attract. These two together mean that they strike the right balance. Sparta can illustrate not only that they know what they are talking about, but they also demonstrate that this is happening in the real world.

The solution

The blogs are all around 750 words long, with certain keywords picked out to help with basic SEO for the niches Sparta are looking to hit. Their website at present does remarkably well for them in covering all the important search terms that this business needs to hit. But as Sparta offer a wide range of services, some quite rare, it is important to make sure these are mentioned freely in their blog in case there are potential contracts looking for this service.

You can see the blogs here and take a look at what they do for the business. A good blog makes a massive difference to the credibility of any business. In the case of Sparta Security, I was looking to extend their reputation for excellence, which is already established in many areas. Each blog is crafted to make this point.

If you need a blog for your business then get in touch and I’d love to come and meet you. Maybe this could be at our BNI Chapter, where there are a set of high quality local companies looking to find business for each other. If not, then just drop me a line and I would love to hear all about your company and how we can work together.

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