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December 12, 2017
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Content writing for estate agents
February 21, 2018
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When we look at content, it can be easy to think that your website and blog are the only places where you can produce a meaningful difference. These are powerful tools for anyone, but they don’t stand on their own when it comes to effective content.

Your website will tell people what you are all about. This often contains sales messages and let’s your audience know what you do. But, if you compare these sales message with what your competitors are saying, then you may be able to see a pattern emerge. There is probably only so much that can be said about your business. You mat see repeat messages, such as –

Great levels of customer service.

Professional and friendly



And there isn’t a great deal wrong with delivering these messages. But if they are identical to those of your rivals, it can be really difficult to stand out as offering something different. You have to think about a slightly different approach.

To make these messages work, you either have to appear high on SEO rankings (not always easy to achieve) or do something different.

content case study - look for the details

Content case studies

Building case studies into your content means that you don’t only tell your potential customers how good you are – you can actually show them what this has meant for a customer in the past. Your audience can now see the effects of working with you, rather than just read you tell them how great you are.

A case study looks will build from asking certain pertinent questions of your clients. These include –

  • Tell me about your company
  • What makes you different
  • Tell me about the project or service delivered
  • What problem did it solve?
  • Who were the people involved?
  • What needed to happen?
  • What were the obstacles or barriers?
  • How was it planned?
  • What was the result?
  • How did it make them feel?

With the permission of your client, you an build a profile to use on your website, in handouts or in conversation. This adds so much power to the work you can do for people. It suddenly makes all of the worlds you are saying become a reality. If you are looking to develop what you do in terms of case studies then get in touch. Id be only too happy to discuss and help you to build an idea of what a content case study might look for you.

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