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How To Become A Copywriter
How To Become A Copywriter For Your Own Business
April 2, 2019
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Blogging Tips
May 8, 2019
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If you write a blog for a living then every now and again you might feel like you run out of blog ideas. We all get a rush of inspiration from time to time. We also get times where inspiration disappears from view. Here are some blog ideas that can help you find your way back again.

Where Do Blog Ideas Come From?

Great question! Some of the best blog ideas come from conversations. I speak to people all the time about my business. Every now and again they say something that really resonates with me. This can be –

  • Someone asking for advice
  • Encountering a problem
  • An argument or heated discussion
  • Even a complaint

These are perfect blog ideas because they are already things that people are talking about. Think about it. If someone asks you a question, they want to know the answer, right?

There’s a fair chance that they aren’t the only person on the planet that wants to know the answer to that question.

From there, you have a great blog idea. Writing about the questions and answers you have daily in your business will give you fresh blog ideas for a very long time.

Looking for lightbulb moments

What If This Doesn’t Happen

I’m sure there are questions and answers running through your business every day, all day. But let’s say that they don’t happen (or you’ve exhausted all of these.) What’s next? Where do you get the next set of fresh blog ideas from?

If people aren’t asking you a question, then they might be asking online instead. Start to do some research on Google about the kind of questions people are asking. In my business, people might be asking –

“What Is Copywriting?”

The people who have provided the answer to this question sit on the front page of Google. They might get some business from this, for a number of reasons, including –

  • They are seen as an authority on the subject
  • They are easily accessible from the first page
  • People see them as having the answer

So, what are the questions in your industry that people are asking online? Answering these will give you a fresh batch of blog ideas for your website.

Where do your blog ideas come from?

Look To The News For Blog Ideas

The news is another great way to find a fresh supply of blog ideas. Whether they are industry news items or something more general, the news is a perfect place to get inspiration.

There are people who want to know what’s going on. They want to know the inside track. They want to know that from an expert. One of the websites that does this particularly well is Buy Home Sell Home. They are the UK’s premier website for people looking to buy a home or sell one. They also have a section for estate agents too.

Buy Home Sell Home look at the news affecting the property industry, add a comment and weave that into advice for the home seller or home buyer. You can make your blog work in this way too.

When looking for blog ideas, don’t ever get stumped. There are more areas for inspiration that you could first think of. Here are a few. I’d love to hear in the comments the ones that work for you.

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