Take a Step Back and Assess Your Content

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Why Hire a Content Writer ?
December 12, 2018
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January 10, 2019

It’s time for me to take a step back and assess where this year has taken me as a content writer. If you write for yourself or your business then it is probably a good time for you to do the same. The need for content dies down a little at this time so you can safely say that you won’t need to write that much between Christmas and New Year. If you have things you want to say at this time, then use your scheduling to write it now and have it ready to go live at a time of your choosing.

Take a Step Back and Assess Your Content tiles

So what has this year brought?

There has been a marked shift in the way people consume and require content over the course of 2018 – and I expect these trends to continue. Let’s take a look at these –

  1. Research. The amount of time needed to research a decent piece of content has increased this year . Rather than rewriting something that already exists, I have delved deeper into subjects and offered something new for many of my clients this year. The Big Five-O is a case in point. There is a need for more depth and more information.
  2. Length of articles. This has split two ways this year in my experience, leaving a gap in the middle. Longer articles are necessary and have been facilitated by the above increase in research. But there is also a greater demand on the time of readers and shorter articles are hitting the spot for certain subjects. My experience sees something just over 350 words, or something approaching 1,000 words to be the sweet spots. The void in between feels like no man’s land. look at Mystery Shopping Tips for some examples.
  3. Quality over quantity. Where the articles have been shorter, it has been an absolute focus on one particular subject and looking into it with great insight. You don’t need hundreds upon hundreds of words – just the right amount to cover a subject and move on.

Take a step back and look at the way this year has gone for you. Analysing the trends in your content plus the successes will help you build a better content plan for next year.

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