A note to writers – keep it fresh!

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January 4, 2017
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January 18, 2017

I speak to lost of people that want content for their website. As a content writer in North East England – and beyond – I get to work with different industries and write different things. And I like it this way. If I was writing the same things for the same purpose day in and day out then this would become tedious and it would show in my writing. Unlike many areas of business, where repetition makes you better at something, I believe that writing needs to be kept fresh and vibrant.

If you work for 10 estate agents all in a row, for example, then the content that you produce for the tenth one will not be as fresh and will contain large elements that have been copied from the ones before. A note to writers – keep it fresh! is about far more than just writing something. It is about making that different.

Whereas if you write about ten different industries then you will have exciting and new ideas that come from each. And you can use ideas from one to help you with another. There is no obvious link between a steel manufacturer and a school, for instance, but you will find ideas from one may translate well to another. They both have a role to play in society and these roles can cross over. In my role as a content writer in North East England I not only write for people, but I help them to plan their content strategy. Here are some ways to keep it fresh.

Writing different things

As I’ve said above, you need to write different things to make sure that you don’t hit a wall with your writing. The content that you produce may only be for your own company but think about the different voice you use in different areas of your business, such as –

  • social media
  • your website
  • your blog

The fact that you will write about different topics in a different voice depending on the platform will give you a break from just writing the same things over and over. Look at the business you are in an d break it down into smaller sections. A detailed blog about one part of the business will likely have less crossover with something you write generally for your website. Remember a note to writers – keep it fresh!

Write for yourself

One thing that I think is really important is to look at how much of your writing is actually done for YOU rather than for your business or a client. As a North East England content writer I have customers that I write for on a regular basis but I also make sure that I have time to write for myself. I have several blogs that I write on a regular basis and I am always working on a book of one description or another. My Amazon Kindle author page shows you the books that I currently have published.

If you write about something that you are passionate about then you will have that break from your day job that keeps it all fresh. I write around 80% for my customers and 20% for myself. I find that this ratio keeps my writing of the high quality that it needs to be to keep my customers happy and produce work that keeps me happy too.

You have to read to write

It is of huge importance to read as much as time allows. As well as writing for my customers and myself I am always reading something. I tend to alternate between fiction and non-fiction as the reading you do shows through in your writing. For example if you have been reading a lot of fantasy fiction then your writing (even if it is a serious piece for a client website) takes on a slight fantasy element. You can’t do a great deal about it but if you are aware of it then you can adjust your reading to fall in line with the writing you are doing.

A note to writers – keep it fresh!

Your content will drive a lot of people to your website. They want to know what you have to say, which can then lead to traffic and sales. Keeping it fresh means that you can reach more people in a much more effective way. Get in touch if you want to discuss your content needs. I am always here to help.

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